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Health Plan

The North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters' Health Plan is an employer-paid health plan providing family coverage to eligible employees. Health insurance coverage includes major medical, dental, and vision. Avoid unnecessary serious financial loss due to health care expenses with our Health Plan. Learn more about our carpenters' Health Plan benefits.

Pension Plan

Secure your future with the Carpenters' Benefit Pension Plan. Set up to provide retirement benefits to you, the Pension Plan provides a monthly benefit to you after retirement to help supplement Social Security and personal savings. Learn more about our carpenters' Pension Plan benefits.


You may now submit your remittance reports online straight from our secure website! Enter your reports faster and easier with our online remittance form. Begin submitting your contractor remittance reports online today.

Training fund

Located throughout Wisconsin, our carpenter training centers combine classroom training with on-the-job experience to produce the most highly-skilled carpenters in the area. Our carpenter Training Fund allows you to continue your education to stay up-to-date with the latest carpentry practices. Learn more about our carpenters' Training Fund benefits.


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Have questions about your carpenter's benefits? Review our frequently asked questions about pension plans, health plans, vacation funds, and more. Read all of the frequently asked questions.

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Are you a carpenter in Wisconsin? Are you receiving the benefits you deserve? With the help of North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters' Benefit Funds, you can ensure you will be covered in the present and secure for the future. Our carpentry benefits include a Health Plan, Pension Plan, Vacation Fund, and Training Fund.
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